Children's Illustrations

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Musicians of Bremen
Humpty Dumpty with Fred Chicken
Hansel the Fawn
Jammy Face
Sowilo and the Elves
Tea party
Owl Flute
Mimi and the Wolf
Butterfly Hunt
Pinocchio and the Birds
Some Insects
Happy Prince
Big Bear
Animal Parade
Whale Snooze
King Brund and Queen Silverfoot
Beach Airship
Bear Thinker
Harvey and Buster take tea
Swilo and the Whale
Swallowed a Goat
Swallowed a Spider
Little Owl
He put his hand on his belly and inhaled
Cameron exhales and hums
Little Brown Bird
Cameron liked to jump
before a spelling test
she pointed at the yellow dog
like a balloon
Knitted Scarf
Mr Badger in a Pink Coat
Quack Frog and Fox
Take one Shilling
Deer and Sparrow
Cat with a Tea Filled Hat
Whale Bubbles
Bicycle Dog
Jam for Tea
Blue Apron
Sitting with a Fox
Donkey on a Space Hopper
Scarecrow and Bird
Robin and Spiders
Sweet Dreams
Night Owl
Father Christmas
Mr Punch
T'was the Nite before Christmas
A Pair of Bears
St Nick with Reindeer
Animal band practise
Jester Elephant
Polar Bear Archer
Jack and the Cow
The Ravens
Boy on horse
The dark is Reading

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