Children's Illustrations

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Mimi and the Wolf
Happy Prince
Butterfly Hunt
Pinocchio and the Birds
Big Bear
Animal Parade
Some Insects
Whale Snooze
Sitting with a Fox
Knitted Scarf
Swallowed a Spider
Swallowed a Goat
Scarecrow and Bird
Sweet Dreams
Night Owl
Blue Apron
T'was the Nite before Christmas
Father Christmas
Mr Punch
Jam for Tea
Robin and Spiders
like a balloon
she pointed at the yellow dog
before a spelling test
Cameron exhales and hums
Cameron liked to jump
Donkey on a Space Hopper
Swilo and the Whale
Bear Thinker
Whale Bubbles
He put his hand on his belly and inhaled
Beach Airship
Harvey and Buster take tea
Bicycle Dog
Cat with a Tea Filled Hat
Deer and Sparrow
Take one Shilling
Quack Frog and Fox
Little Brown Bird
King Brund and Queen Silverfoot
A Pair of Bears
Little Owl
Mr Badger in a Pink Coat
St Nick with Reindeer
Animal band practise
Jester Elephant

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Polar Bear Archer